Today’s Christian Prophets

Many Christians today are unaware that there is a movement within the church – mainly in Pentecostal and Charismatic circles – where prophecies, dreams and visions are commonplace, and that many Christians are listening to these modern-day prophets to understand what’s happening in America and the world.

Some of these prophecies are “generic” affirmations of encouragement for whoever they may apply to, such as anyone facing depression, anxiety, or a financial crisis.

Other prophecies – those I will focus on here – have to do with current events in America and worldwide. Nearly all of the “prophets” I am familiar with agree that the world is in, or is entering, the Last Days before the return of Jesus Christ.


Most of the prophecies coming out today focus on the recent election of Donald J. Trump as America’s 45th President. This election is heralded as the dawn of a new era of Christian dominance in our culture and around the world.

Donald Trump has been prophesied to be God’s “anointed servant” who will accomplish great things for the Kingdom of God, even if he doesn’t realize it yet. His presidency will lead to the breakdown of demonic strongholds and the opening of formerly closed nations to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Here is one example that accurately illustrates the general tone and content of today’s prophetic outpouring, this one from Stephen Powell of Lion of Light Ministries, as reported on the “prophetic” website Elijah List. I have edited out a few bits due to the length, but please read this through:

I hear the Lord say, “I have chosen you Mr. Trump, and you will be a leader to many, not just of your people, but of the world. You will not just be seen Mr. Trump, but you will be heard, for I have released a sound in you, and that sound shall be heard around the world. It will ring true and loud, and be like a shock-wave in many countries where tyranny has reigned, and they will not be able to keep it out,” says the Lord.

“For I will raise up this sound in others, even as I have raised it up in you. It’s the sound of the Trumpet of the Lord, a sound of victory, a sound of freedom, a sound of faith.

Hearts will rise to meet world problems based on the sound I’ve released,” says the Lord. “Fear will be replaced with faith, doubt with optimism, for tomorrow will be greater than the former days,” says the Lord. “My people will hear the sound and they will believe it.

I see this man’s anointing being sent out like an electrical shock wave which will awaken the heart of freedom in nations that have not beat with it in generations,” says the Lord. “The earth will see, and hear, and seek refuge in Me. This is the hour of My refuge,” says the Lord.

“Stand Tall America, and Honor Israel”

America, America, I have called you in this hour,” says the Lord. “To stand tall, to stand free, to stand independent and sovereign, in the light of My glory. You will lead the world into a new day, My day, My vision, My heart,” says the Lord.

As you honor Israel, I will honor you. As you remember the poor once again I will remember you. As you feed the hungry, I will feed you. And nothing will stop you. You are an unstoppable nation, a moving force for good and greatness, in the sight of the nations,” says the Lord.

I have chosen Donald Trump to forerun a new model of national leader; yea, even a new form of world leader,” says the Lord. “This man will batter through demonic barriers, even on the world stage, which no man or woman in world history, has been able to have the breakthrough in before. But I have anointed him for this time, and his strength is not his own. I have assigned My angels to assist him in the breakthrough, to remove every stumbling block, to extract every demonic levy.

“His sound will be heard and felt, and I will put My fear on entire nations who see, and fear, and do not understand My working in this man,” says the Lord. “For he will demonstrate something that I have chosen him for, a unique office, a unique position, a unique role. And many will follow after him, not just in America, but in the nations,” says the Lord.

“Trump Will Bear My Heart—Fearless in the Face of the Demonic”

He will continue to give much of his fortune, and much of his life, for this cause which I have yoked his heart to. And this cause, which he has not yet fully understood himself, shall continue to take hold of him and consume his heart. I will make him a compassionate leader, a loving leader, but a strong leader, fearless in the face of the demonic,” says the Lord.

Let the spirit of breakthrough flow through this man’s administration, as the breakthrough of Heaven’s armies continue to invade the earth, even Africa, even the Sudan, even the far east, parts of the world broken, uncontended, I will contend for your heart,” says the Lord.

“I will release in the valleys of darkness, in the places of captivity, in the strongholds of religion and men. For it is time for the piercing light of My Word to go deeper and deeper. I will continue to go deeper into India, deeper into the Sudan, deeper into Saudi Arabia, deeper into Iran. I will break apart your foundations, and build new ones in the apostolic, new ones in love, new ones in Me,” says the Lord.

“And My Kingdom will advance, My Kingdom will wage war, for the battle is Mine,” says the Lord!

If you want to read many similar recent prophecies, you can visit the Elijah List for current or archived prophecies / dreams / visions that have been posted there. You will note that it is God speaking through these prophets, or through their dreams and visions.


Well… Maybe.

Maybe not.

One reason for skepticism is that many positive prophetic utterance were previously spoken over other politicians when they seemed to be on the cusp of political victory – former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley, former Texas governor Rick Perry – to name a few. In most cases, these folks fizzled out without much influence, although some are still active politically.


Another reason for concern is that all of these prophecies are spoken in the context of the imminent return of Jesus Christ – that is, this great revival of Christian faith and dominance will usher in the Second Coming. We are in the Last Days.

It is certainly possible that there will be a renaissance of faith and morality before Jesus returns, but that is not how my Bible describes the Last Days. In fact, my Bible says there will be “terrible times” in the Last Days, with every sort of wickedness running rampant (2 Tim 3:1-5). There will be a great falling away from the faith, many false prophets will appear, and all nations will hate the followers of Jesus (Mt. 24:7-14). This will be a time of severe suffering and testing for God’s people, and the gospel will be proclaimed throughout the earth (Mt. 24:12-14; see also Jn. 16:2; Rev. 20:4).

When I look at today’s headlines, I see every one of these indicators already in play around the world. We are given this advance warning so we won’t be caught unaware, but will be prepared and found faithful despite the coming tribulations.


Yes, we could experience a great revival of End Times faith – not mentioned in the Bible – but that revival would only be a temporary reprieve while the gospel gets a final proclamation worldwide, before the trials of the Last Days begin. So yes, maybe these prophets are actually speaking by the Holy Spirit.


However, there is another odd feature to these prophecies – they seem to equate political favor and cultural dominance with “victory” for the Kingdom of God. In this view, outlawing abortion or gay marriage, increasing Christian rights, teaching the Bible in public schools, appointing conservative judges, all indicate that God’s Kingdom is advancing and experiencing great victory.

But when Jesus was questioned about God’s Kingdom, he indicated that it is not of this world, i.e. not like an earthly kingdom. It does not consist of governmental power or cultural dominance, and so it cannot be seen or observed in the usual way.

Instead, the Kingdom is within us and among us, visible whenever the sick are healed, demons are expelled, or the gospel is preached; visible whenever good deeds are done in the name of Jesus. (Lk. 17:20-21; Jn. 18:36; Mk. 16:17-18; Mt. 5:14-16)

The idea that God’s Kingdom is established or expanded by Christianizing the government or the schools seems to run counter to the plain statements of Jesus. In fact, such an occurrence already took place once before.

It was the early 300’s AD when Christianity – formerly persecuted – enjoyed a remarkable renaissance of political influence and power. Being embraced by Roman emperor Constantine and officially recognized throughout the empire, it wasn’t long before the official Church wielded its newfound power to ruthless effect: imprisoning, torturing, and executing those who dared to disagree with official doctrines and teachings. The Church had become like any earthly kingdom, upheld by force of law, with all the attendant corruption, graft, and carnality that accompanies earthly governments.

Today’s prophets envision a re-making of America, where laws uphold Christian values and the government governs by Christian standards. Even the media /entertainment industry begins producing movies and programs that exhibit Christian teachings and doctrine.

Did Jesus intend for his people to wield political power over others, and to fashion laws that require Christian conduct? Being that God’s Kingdom is Spirit-powered and Spirit-led, can God’s Kingdom ever be yoked with an earthly kingdom like America?

“For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness? What harmony is there between Christ and Belial? Or what does a believer have in common with an unbeliever?” (2 Cor. 6:14-15)


Lastly, we know that there will come a day when a man will rise to political power who is definitely not “God’s anointed.” This man will exhibit apparent wisdom; he will bring order and peace – even peace to Israel. He will no doubt have the support of many Christians and be looked upon by many in the Church as a champion of good government.

But he will soon be revealed as Satan’s own emissary – Antichrist. In his pride and delusion he will even declare himself to be God and worthy of worship. He will have a False Prophet at his side who will deceive many by performing miracles – amazing, supernatural signs and wonders. He will command armies and wield great authority, and he will severely persecute those who confess Jesus.

I’m not saying that Donald Trump is the Antichrist! But whether Trump or some other politician, this great deceiver will be elevated with the initial support of the Church, or a large part of it. It is possible that the Elijah List and her prophets are playing right into this scenario by throwing their support behind any political leader who cozies up to Christians – no matter how prideful, self-indulgent, or morally bankrupt that individual seems to be.


Time will tell whether these many predictions are true or not. We will soon see if the gospel of Jesus experiences a revival of power and influence over America and the world.

Yet even if these prophecies prove true in that sense, will we be exchanging the true Kingdom for a false, earthly, unspiritual one? Will Christians be throwing their support behind the very person who will turn on them in the end?


Let me be clear in stating that I don’t know the hearts or motives of every modern-day prophet found on the Elijah List or anywhere else. I’m sure many of them are doing good works and furthering the gospel.

I would only point out that as far as I read in my Bible, the true Kingdom of God will never be embraced by the world or the culture. It will always be attacked, criticized, and persecuted. Until Jesus Christ returns we will be at spiritual war with the principalities and authorities that govern this present world system, and we shall never be yoked with that system

And in the Last Days we will fully understand that “it has been granted [us] on behalf of Jesus Christ not only to believe in him, but also to suffer for him.” (Php. [1:29)

Stay alert Christians, be aware of what’s happening, and know God’s Word. At some point, “terrible times” will come, and it may be soon.

I would love to hear any thoughts, comments, or personal experiences regarding today’s Christian prophets, so feel free to comment below.

~ Don


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I'm an itinerant book lover, an on again off again writer, an amateur (luthier, pianist, composer, carpenter), a movie buff (the dramatic, well-written, well-acted kind, not the remake of a classic or the explosions and bullets kind), and a believer in Jesus, my Lord and Savior who comes before all these things.
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