Not Voting for Jesus

So I was reading this article that asks the question: Would Bernie Sanders vote for Jesus? The article concludes that, by Bernie’s standards, Jesus could not run for public office due to his (Jesus) insistence that some people will one day be condemned.

The article’s author laments the trend that those who stand for any kind of moral truth or biblical standards are increasingly being marginalized and squeezed out of public service.

The irony of this article – in my opinion – is that Bernie’s attitude isn’t the problem. Jesus’ own standards would prevent him from running for public office in America, or anywhere else.

We live in a sinful world made up of sinful kingdoms, America being one of them. To rule a kingdom in this sinful world requires that governments believe and behave very differently than what Jesus commanded for his disciples. For example, nations must defend themselves with violence, killing their enemies in the name of self-preservation. They must also lay down laws and enforce them with threat of punishment, up to and including death.

In contrast, the commands of Jesus reflect his rule in the kingdom of God, which is currently modeled by the Church. In God’s economy, enemies are loved and obedience to Jesus is a voluntary choice, never coerced. Personal possessions are shared and generosity is shown toward the poor. Citizens of God’s kingdom love one another by virtue of their identity in Christ, and they emulate his example of self-sacrifice. That’s how peace is maintained in the Kingdom.

The royal law of love, detailed in the many teachings of Jesus, can never govern a sinful nation in this present Age, nor was it intended to. As long as Satan holds power over the earth and sin holds power over human hearts, nations must be ruled by an earthly, unspiritual paradigm. Only the Church is capable of governing itself under the Lordship of Jesus, and even the Church falls short in many instances.

So no, Bernie Sanders would not vote for Jesus, because Jesus would never run for office in this present Age. “Jesus answered, ‘My kingdom is not of this world; if it were, my servants would fight to prevent my arrest by the Jews. But now, my kingdom is not of this realm.’”


About Don

I'm an itinerant book lover, an on again off again writer, an amateur (luthier, pianist, composer, carpenter), a movie buff (the dramatic, well-written, well-acted kind, not the remake of a classic or the explosions and bullets kind), and a believer in Jesus, my Lord and Savior who comes before all these things.
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