Above all, I am a citizen of Heaven, a member of God’s family by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. My citizenship in America trails as a distant second in importance, and if America should ever decline and fall, my citizenship in Heaven will remain forever.

As Christians, we must be careful in pledging our allegiance to anything but Jesus. Even a country as wonderful as America is prone to do things and promote things that contradict the Word of God, or that are contrary to the will of God.

The apostle Paul occasionally made use of his Roman citizenship for legal purposes, to demand a fair trial or to avoid pointless flogging, but he never advocated for the reform of the Roman government. Likewise, Jesus never encouraged his disciples to form a political PAC or to lobby for change in the secular arena.

Our political activities may be directed at those reforms which promote a love for neighbor, but we should avoid any attempt to conform the secular government to the commandments of Christ. It can’t be done. God’s kingdom is not of this world. Our function is to be the fragrance of Christ – a visible demonstration of God’s love and grace to our neighbors and communities, always ready to explain the reasons for the hope that we have.

Becoming overly concerned with politics, or overly vocal in our political opinions, actually serves to drive others away from Christ. We will be judged by our conservative or liberal opinions rather than by the love and grace we are called to demonstrate daily.

So love America… a little. Participate in politics… a little. But love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, and let that love spill over into the lives of all who cross your path. Your (real) citizenship is in Heaven, and no one can serve two masters.

Peace to all,