When God Ran

I don’t often post music, but as I was writing on Jesus and free will this 1985 Benny Hester song popped into my head. Have you wandered from God? Then this is for you.

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The Bible is Not a Proof Text

There’s a familiar saying that the Bible can be used to prove anything, or put another way, almost any position on any issue can be supported by selectively quoting and interpreting the Bible. If you want to believe that God is in the rocks and trees and animals (panentheism) you can form a list of […]

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A Letter to Christians in America

I’ve noticed an awful lot of upset Christians since the Supreme Court decided that same-sex marriage should be legal in all 50 states. Reactions seem to stretch from a simple affirmation of traditional marriage to angry condemnations of the court and warnings of God’s impending judgement on our nation. Some Christians are literally outraged. The […]

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