Why Anti-Political?

I refer to Citizen Don as “anti-political” because of my conviction that Christians in America often substitute political opinions and activism for doing the real work of ministry for Jesus, and often their politics don’t really reflect the heart of God at all. This happens because:

  • Christians are confused between the “kingdom of America” and the “Kingdom of God,” and they don’t realize the immense importance of separating the two.
  • They think that by supporting certain politicians and passing certain laws they are being “salt and light.”
  • They think that outlawing abortion or banning gay marriage would be great victories for Christ.
  • They show greater emotion and passion for their politics than they do for Jesus or the gospel, and care more about condemning sinners than setting them free.

Readers should understand that I don’t advocate withdrawing from politics, though doing so wouldn’t alter our mandate from Jesus. By all means educate yourself on the issues and vote according to your conscience.

But here at Citizen Don I will attempt to shine a light on our real calling as Children of God and how politics can not only distract us from serving God, but in some cases work against His will and purpose for us.